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  • Fermentation Bioprocessing

    A fermentation process requires a fermenter for successful production because it provides the following facilities for the process such as contamination free environment specific temperature maintenance maintenance of agitation and aeration pH control monitoring Dissolved Oxygen DO ports for nutrient and reagent feeding ports for inoculation and

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  • Biodegradation of high concentrations of benzene vapors in

    Introduction Benzene is a component of gasoline and aviation fuels and is extensively used in industrial syntheses It is frequently found as a contaminant in soil water and air from many industrial processes and as a result of storage tank and pipeline leakage accidental spills and improper waste disposal practices Benzene is classified as one of the main pollutants by the US

  • High density cultivation of Anchusa officinalis in a

    Dec 01 1995 · A maximum cell density of 35 g dry weight l and a rosmarinic acid concentration of 3 7 g l were obtained by maintaining the dissolved oxygen concentration above 30 air saturation gradually raising the impeller tip speed from 34 cm s to 72 cm s and keeping the aeration rate at 0 44 vvm while increasing the O 2 air ratio in the gas feed

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    TAG MAG and DAG concentration for enzymatic GIE were 62 49 7 86 and 27 34 respectively For the chemical GIE TAG conversion at an agitation speed of 100 200 and 300 rpm were 58 64 55 28 and 55 41 respectively Chemical GIE had emulsion capacity and the emulsion stability about 93 63 and 95 44 respectively

  • Assessment of the Dispersion of Glycerol in Dimethyl

    Glycerol carbonate has gained attention as a value added product from reacting glycerol and dimethyl carbonate This work studies the dispersion in nonreacting conditions of the two compounds under conditions relevant to the production of glycerol carbonate Images were acquired to obtain droplet size distributions and Sauter mean diameters d3 2 which increased with dispersed phase volume


    Advocates of biotechnology have consistently upheld the notion that the field contributes to human health care environmental protection and industrial scale synthesis of complex chemicals Despit

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    Interfacial polymerization is a type of step growth polymerization in which polymerization occurs at the interface between two immiscible phases generally two liquids resulting in a polymer that is constrained to the interface There are several variations of interfacial polymerization which result in several types of polymer topologies such as ultra thin films nanocapsules and


    14th European Conference on Mixing Warszawa 10 13 September 2012 MIXING TIME IN UNBAFFLED STIRRED TANKS A Busciglioa F Grisafia F Ippolito F Scargialia A Brucatoa a University of Palermo Dipartimento di Ingegneria Chimica Gestionale Informatica e Meccanica Viale delle Scienze Ed 6 90128 Palermo Italy


    Apergillus f al us Link strain 44 I and its relationship to kojic acid production was carried out using 2 L stirred tank fermenter From the shake flask experiments it was found that the addition of silicone based antifoam even at very low concentration 0 00 I v v reduced growth and

  • Application of Response Surface Method for SpringerLink

    May 15 2008 · To study the effect of agitation speed rpm and dissolved oxygen concentration DO on the production of gamma linolenic acid by Mucor sp RRL001 a central composite design experiment was performed in a 5 L stirred tank bioreactor The design consisted of a total of 10 runs consisting of runs at five levels for each factor and was divided in two blocks

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    Oct 06 2015 · Basic Agitation and Mixing Equipment used in the industry You should learn the basics Agitation Vessel Shaft Motor Impeller Baffles Once you learn the basic parts of an agitation

  • Effect of aeration and agitation on the production of

    Methods and Results The P sinclairii was cultivated under various aeration and agitation conditions in a 5 l stirred tank bioreactor The highest mycelial biomass 30·5 g l −1 and EPS production 11·5 g l −1 were obtained at a high aeration rate 3·5 v v m and at a high agitation speed 250 rev min −1 The apparent viscosities

  • PDF Effect of Operating Conditions on CSTR performance

    Concentration of sodium acetate decreases with increased rate of agitation The conversion of sodium hydroxide declines with increased agitation rate from 70 rpm to 150 rpm

  • Design rules for suspending concentrated mixtures of

    Abstract This study examines complete off bottom suspension conditions for slurries containing mixtures of solids at a wide range of concentrations Binary combinations of five different particles bronze two sizes of glass beads ion exchange resin and nickel were tested with two impellers the Lightnin A310 and the down pumping 45° PBT The effect of particle size ratio and density ratio

  • The process design of gold leaching and carbon in pulp

    mass at high temperatures 90–120°C This results in the reversal of the adsorption process with most of the gold desorbing from the carbon back into solution This produces a small volume of solution with a high gold concentration The gold is recovered from this solution by electrowinning

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    Oxygen consumption High High Low Absent Mass transfer Low High Low Absent Heat production 3–15 3–15 0 03–0 14 Negligible metabolic kW m3 Power consumption hp 3–15 fewer than 5 0 02–05 Negligible Ch006 qxd 10 27 2006 10 44 AM Page 143

  • Characterization of the Metabolic Response of Streptomyces

    Streptomyces clavuligerus is a gram positive filamentous bacterium notable for producing clavulanic acid CA an inhibitor of β lactamase enzymes which confers resistance to bacteria against several antibiotics Here we present a comparative analysis of the morphological and metabolic response of S clavuligerus linked to the CA production under low and high shear stress conditions in a 2D

  • On the fluid dynamics of a laboratory scale single use

    May 24 2014 · High agitation rates in a stirred tank bioreactor were found to significantly impact upon cell viability glucose consumption rates and MAb production of hybridoma cells grown in 15 serum medium Abu Reesh and Kargi 1991

  • Agitation of non Newtonian fluids Metzner 1957 AIChE

    Minsheng Lu Junbao Li Lujia Han Weihua Xiao High solids enzymatic hydrolysis of ball milled stover with reduced slurry viscosity and improved sugar yields Biotechnology for Biofuels 10 1186 s13068 020 01717 9 13 1 2020

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    A chemical reactor is an enclosed volume in which a chemical reaction takes place In chemical engineering it is generally understood to be a process vessel used to carry out a chemical reaction which is one of the classic unit operations in chemical process analysis The design of a chemical reactor deals with multiple aspects of chemical engineering

  • High cell density media for Escherichia coli are generally

    Escherichia coli is widely cultivated under aerobic conditions in laboratory and industrial processes The standard procedure for growing E coli cells to high cell densities is the fed batch technique where the carbon substrate e g glucose controls the growth as a limiting factor To minimize the volume change in the bioreactor high concentrated glucose solutions are often used

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    high efficiency agitation leachg tank supplier Botswana Agitator Tank Agitator Tank Suppliers and Manufacturers offers 26317 agitator tank products About 77 of these are mixing equipment 2 are chemical storage equipment and 1 are mixer High efficiency agitation leaching tank US 6003800 Set 1 Set Min Order China supplier paper pulp agitator tank for paper making machinery

  • Imperfect Mixing in a Stirred Tank Reactor Demonstration

    Dec 26 2016 · Mixing in a Stirred Tank Reactor can leave you with a few issues Dead Zones and Bypassing and you will need to take residence time of the reactant in

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    Research and Development provides stirred bioreactor solutions from 2 to 250 rpm for dynamic stem cell cul tivation guaranteeing homogenous conditions during the entire cultivation process Minimal working volumes from 35mL as well as high precision monitoring and control help saving cost intensive resources while yield ing reproducible

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    2 Orifice sparger used in small stirred fermenter It is a perforated pipe kept below the impeller in the form of crosses or rings The size should be ¾ of impeller diameter Air holes drilled on the under surfaces of the tubes and the holes should be atleast 6mm diameter This type of sparger is used mostly with agitation

  • Bioethanol Production from Fermentable Sugar Juice

    Bioethanol production from renewable sources to be used in transportation is now an increasing demand worldwide due to continuous depletion of fossil fuels economic and political crises and growing concern on environmental safety Mainly three types of raw materials that is sugar juice starchy crops and lignocellulosic materials are being used for this purpose

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    These accessories provide enhanced flexibility while operating Amicon Stirred Cells En savoir plus Cellules à agitation résistantes aux solvants Concentration of samples in organic solvents En savoir plus Membranes disques d ultrafiltration Membranes for use with stirred cells En savoir plus

  • Kinetic Modeling of 1 G Ethanol Fermentations IntechOpen

    The most recent rise in demand for bioethanol due mainly to economic and environmental issues has required highly productive and efficient processes In this sense mathematical models play an important role in the design optimization and control of bioreactors for ethanol production Such bioreactors are generally modeled by a set of first order ordinary differential equations which

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    Fixed Bed Reactors In a fixed bed reactor the reagent flows over a stationary bed of packed catalyst Towler and Sinnott 2013 This is the most common type of reactor used for heterogeneous catalysis as long as the catalyst does not require continuous regeneration and the reaction mixture does not require high agitation Towler 2012

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    Equation 10 5 can be re arranged to yield an equation that relates the blend time t to U and agitation parameters as follows tu ln 1 U km 10 6 284 MIXING AND AGITATION EXAMPLE 10 1 Impeller Power for a Specified Impeller at a Given Speed A 32 diameter 6BD impeller located 32 off the vessel bottom is agitating water 0t 1 cP

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    C actual oxygen concentration of the liquid phase C AL or C L dissolved oxygen concentration 𝐴 final dissolved oxygen concentration C AL1 and C AL2 DO concentrations at times t 1 and t 2 respectively C m measured oxygen concentration C o initial oxygen concentration C t oxygen concentration in tank at time t c a


    D EGFP production and cell biomass concentration data for agitation rate 43 Table D 1 Raw data of EGFP intensity 43 Table D 2 EGFP production data 43 Table D 3 Raw data of optical density OD of cell biomass 44 Table D 4 Cell biomass concentration data 44 E EGFP production and cell biomass concentration data for temperature 44

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    In some instances the concentration of a solution is expressed as molality instead of molarity because molality does not change with changes in temperature how many grams of CaC12 molar mass 110 98 g mol are needed to prepare 1 00 L of a 1 00 M solution

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    Jun 20 2015 · experiment Cstr 40l 1 1 ABSTRACT This experiment is conducted to carry out manual conversion determination on experiment samples to verify the conductivity measurement values to carry out a saponification reaction between NaOH and Et Ac in CSTR and determine the effect of residence time onto the reaction extent of conversion also determine the reaction rate constant In order to

  • Production of rosmarinic acid by Lavandula vera MM cell

    The relationship between dissolved oxygen DO concentration agitation rate and growth of Lavandula vera MM and rosmarinic acid biosynthesis was investigated in 3 l laboratory bioreactor Lavandula vera MM cell suspension accumulated the highest amounts of biomass 34 8 g l and rosmarinic acid 1870 6 mg l on day 12 of cultivation at 50 dissolved oxygen and agitation speed 100 rpm and at

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    About Agitation Agitation is an unpleasant state of extreme arousal An agitated person may feel stirred up excited tense confused or irritable The following list of medications are in some way related to or used in the treatment of this condition Animal reproduction studies have shown an adverse effect on the fetus and there are no

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    Mechanical agitation of hybridoma suspension cultures Metabolic effects of serum pluronic F68 and albumin supplements